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Although heating and hot water are essential for home comfort they represent the highest expense of home running costs. According to the Department of the Environment and Energy website, Australian households running costs for heating, hot water and cooling account for 61% of their total energy consumption costs.  

With a passion for sustainability, let the Hicks family keep your family comfortable using environmental and pocket friendly technologies


Hydronic Floor Heating - Service


Electricity, gas or wood? Basic or high tech control? Discreet or a fashion statement? So many options for unquestionable comfort.

Solar Hot Water - Service


Whether your preference is instantaneous hot water or storing water that’s been heated using the sun’s energy, we’re sure to identify the best system for your family’s needs.

Cooling System - Services


With an annual service we can make sure your hydronic heating system is operating safely and performing at its optimum. Our team’s experience and qualifications make repairs and maintenance a breeze.


Control & Flexibility

Each system is designed in close consultation with the client to determine what level of control the client requires. Systems have potential for rooms to be individually controlled. The temperature can be set to go up and down throughout the day, with each day programmed to suit an occupant’s weekly routine.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Whether your motivation is sustainability or reduced running costs, hydronic heating energy consumes the lowest amount of energy compared to all other forms of heating. The results of a study undertaken by Sustainability Victoria suggest that a basic gas hydronic heating system would cost the average home 7% less than ducted gas heating, 23% less than electric reverse cycle ducted heating or 104% less than electric in floor heating to run.

Comfortable, Clean & Healthy

Radiant heat acts directly on the body without having to wait for the air to warm first, resulting in the same comfort level but with a 2°C lower room temperature. Radiant heat is the most pleasant heat by far, providing even and silent natural warmth. With no air movement there’s no germs, dust and allergens being circulated through the house.


Hydronic heating systems can easily go unnoticed. Renowned for being quiet as well as having various options for how the heat is to be distributed, it can work away without being seen or heard. In-floor heating is entirely hidden, radiators can either be discreet or flamboyant art pieces and trench heating can be blended or featured making any option a perfect choice for anyone who holds high importance of aesthetics.

Why Us for your project?


  • Best infrastructure sourced for providing the best systems
  • Strong quality control systems
  • Long term experience with sole focus on hydronic heating, hot water and cooling

Personal Touch

  • Tailor designed systems to suit every family
  • Complex systems explained in plain English
  • Work closely with builders, homeowners and other trades to accommodate schedules and plans

Local Support

  • Offering regular servicing and maintenance bookings
  • Large range of spare parts for quick repairs
  • Locally owned and opperated

Hicks Hydronics

Hicks Hydronics was started in 2012 by Kalvin and Felicity Hicks in their own back yard in West Wodonga, with nothing more than a new set of wheels, a car loan and a hand full of tools. Within 6 months of commencement, the first apprentice was employed, and is still with us all these years later!

Back in the day, Hicks Hydronics disrupted the market by being the first local hydronic heating specialist to do some crazy stuff. They published a website and took a fresh approach to delivering quality products with quality service. Whoa!

Before long, word of mouth spread like wildfire about the quality and ingenuity of the heating systems Hicks Hydronics were offering. And to top it off, were easy to find and accessible to get in touch with. The success of the operation saw Hicks Hydronics awarded as finalists in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards in Victoria.

Years on and the business has grown in every way possible. The business is now run out of a commercial building, fully fit with showroom, offices and a warehouse on Thomas Mitchell Drive in Wodonga. What was once one vehicle is now a small fleet of vehicles. The Hicks Hydronics family is now made up of an amazing team of qualified tradesmen, apprentices and administration officers. More surprisingly though, Hicks Hydronics now finds itself standing proudly as the local market leader and the only locally owned and operated business specialising purely in hydronic heating!

Despite the growth, Kalvin and Felicity both still enjoy having a very hands on approach in building relationships with all clients to ensure the best solutions are tailored and delivered on every job. So pick up the phone, have a chat to a helpful team member and arrange to come in and speak with Kalvin or Felicity who have collectively lived and breathed hydronics for 25 years.


Happy Customers

“Engaging Hicks Hydronics to install our Hot Water and Hydronic Heating system has proven to be a very good decision as the Gas / Solar / Electric system works very well and is using co generation technology to maximum efficiency. The tradespersons were very helpful and their workmanship was excellent. Kalvin was very good in the early design stages of building in explaining our options and services requirements to ensure their were no problems when the system was being installed. Kalvin also communicated well with our Builder who was very complimentary of Kalvin’s work and on time approach to completing all work as required with the building progress. We would be very happy to be a referral for any clients wishing to engage Hicks Hydronics for their Hot Water and heating requirements”

“The employees, the workmanship, the instruction and the follow up have left us extremely satisfied with the final result – a clean, quiet and very comfortable heat!! Thank you Hick Hydronics team”
“They have been very professional throughout the process, good communication and surprisingly clean! Yep they really tidy up after their work”
“We have had a great experience with Hicks Hydronics and look forward to great service in the future”
“Highly recommend them & love the system”
“A very soft, even heat throughout the house and quiet”
“We have used the fire a couple of times now and it’s great, only takes about 12 to 15 min from lighting for the pumps to kick in and the radiators to heat up”
“Everyone loves the fireplace and radiators We are very happy”

Our experience was great. The workmen were very friendly and extremely efficient. The customer service is excellent. They have made our experience so much easier. System is great.

Experienced and friendly tradesmen. Exceptional customer service. Extremely happy. Would highly recommend.

Always an easy going experience dealing with you guys! Thank you :)

The knowledge of the plumber (Kalvin) was good. the service was prompt, and the guy who did the installation was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. All the staff that I dealt with were friendly, polite and knowledgeable.