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In-Floor Heating

In-Floor Heating

Hydronic in-floor heating involves circulating warm water through specifically designed and manufactured pipe laid in either the concrete slab or insulated panels placed over the top of the structural slab then finished off with a topping screed.
The pipe is manufactured from a cross-linked high-density polyethylene with an oxygen barrier which excludes oxygen from the closed water circulation system. The water pipes have strength and flexibility to allow them to be laid in coils with gently rounded bends. This permits the whole of the installation to be done without connection fittings to ensure the ongoing integrity of the pipework. The pipes are laid symmetrically over the slab, which will then be topped by a final layer of concrete. The temperature of the water entering the slab is typically 40-55°C.


Before the concrete slab is poured, the pipe is strategically laid  in ‘circuits’. Once the slab has been poured and the pipes are covered in concrete the pipework is pressure tested by flushing water throughout at great pressure to ensure optimum integrity in the piping. The pipes are connected to a manifold and then connected to the heat source. 

In-Floor Heating

There is usually one circuit per room but for larger rooms or rooms needing more heat we may recommend additional circuits. Extreme care is taken when the pipe is laid to  ensure the correct areas will be heated, and not the areas that you don’t want heated.
The methods adopted by the team to install in-floor heating mean that certain rooms and entire areas can be isolated and shut down when not in use.  This is particularly useful in large homes. For instance, once the children move out and that area of the house isn’t used it can be easily shut down and re-activated again when guests are expected. 
Residential in-floor heating systems can be easily controlled with the use of a thermostat. Some of our systems even allow for a thermostat to be installed that can be programmed with a weekly schedule. If you know no one’s in the house and needing the house heated during weekdays and you want the heating to be programmed to come on before you get home each night, it’s as simple as pushing a few buttons. We’ll even give you a lesson and programme the thermostat with you when we hand over the system to you.


The heat source heats the water and pumps the water to the manifold. The manifold will be setup on installation so that the manifold will adjust the perfect amount of water to flow through to each circuit. The water flows through the circuit like a circular maze and returns to the manifold and back to the heat source to be heated and circulated again.
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