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Gas Boilers

Natural Gas & LPG Boilers

Hydronic gas boilers heats the water instantly, then the hot water flows through to the various heat distributors. The beauty of instant hot water means the heat reaches the heat distributors in moments and gives you comfortable warmth quickly.

Gas boilers are easily controlled with the use of a thermostat which is installed inside the home. The thermostats we use a very user friendly and can be programmed with a weekly schedule to suit your living arrangements. They also have other great features that allow flexible setting adjustments without the need for the entire weekly program to be re-set.

We can also install a gas boiler that services both your hydronic heating system as well as your domestic hot water.

The gas boilers we install have damage prevention safeguard systems and can complete self-diagnostics. Meaning the boiler is able to find faults and report error codes that can be referenced in the manual. Therefore, minor issues can be fixed by the owner without the need for requesting a service call.
Modulation technology allows the boiler to operate at varying levels depending on heating needs. For example, the boiler will operate at full capacity when trying to heat a house from stone cold, once the house is getting closer to the set temperature or when maintaining temperature, the boiler will modulate down and operate at a lower capacity to use minimal energy.

The size is compact, with the dimensions being approximately 850mm high, 450mm wide & 280mm deep and can be installed either internally or externally. These features allow it to be hidden in a.
  specially designed plant room or within a roof space

Gas Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boilers operate at around 95-98% efficiency, compared with the standard boilers which operate at 80-85%.
Condensing technology uses hidden energy that would normally be expelled as hot air through the flue. This energy gets released in the condensation process when flue gasses undergo a phase change from gas to liquid. This will result in greatly reduced temperature of the flue gases leaving the gas boiler and over 90% utilisation of the energy created in the heating process when the flue gases undergo the phase change.

Gas Combination Boilers

A gas combination boiler combines a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. The combination boiler functions in a similar way an instantaneous hot water unit would create hot water without the need of a separate hot water cylinder, offering space saving within the property.

Gas Boiler System Setup