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Work on Heat Source for Annual Service Call

  Gas Boiler

  • Test flue emissions to ensure CO2 levels are safe
  • Test gas pressure and set to appropriate level
  • Test water pressure and set to appropriate level
  • Test heating function to ensure operational
  • Test hot water function (if applicable) to ensure operational
  • Clean accessible moving parts of debris and pests
  • Clean out internals and combustion chamber of debris and pests
  • Check and clean flue components
  • Diagnose any faults and report back to client

Wood Boiler

  • Clean accessible moving parts of debris and pests
  • Check burning conditions and operation
  • Check water level float and inhibitor content
  • Test thermostat operation
  • Diagnose any faults and report back to client
  • Check and clean flue at the request of the client. Note this should be discussed beforehand.

Heat Pump

  • Clean accessible moving parts of debris and pests
  • Check set point temperatures of heat pump
  • Check fan and compressor operation
  • Clean condenser and internal casing
  • Diagnose any faults and report back to client



The work described below will only be undertaken where our servicing technician is given access to the inside of the property. In-Floor Pipework Coils & Manifold

  • Assess manifold and visible pipework for leaks
  • Check flow rates
  • Check pump operation (if applicable)
  • Bleed manifold of air

Radiators & Towel Warmers

  • Assess panels and valves for leaks or any rust spots
  • Check pump operation (if applicable)
  • Bleed air out of radiators
  • Check balance of system


  • Check thermostat operation
  • Replace batteries on request



Often it is not possible to diagnose a system fault without first seeing the unit and witnessing the symptoms. Our technician can attempt an over the phone diagnosis but if not possible the technician will need to attend the property and you will be charged a call out fee for the attendance. If your unit is not displaying the fault symptoms you have advised us of when our servicing technician attends your property it may not be possible to remedy the fault and you will be charged a call out fee for the technician’s attendance to attempt the diagnosis. Our servicing team carry a variety of spare parts in an endeavour to rectify faults on the spot and will do so wherever possible, however it is impossible to carry every spare part for every unit made. Therefore it may be necessary for our team to make multiple visits to your property in order to diagnose a fault, order the required spare part and later fit the new part once received. Once a unit starts to reach the end of its life it will often have various parts that start to malfunction around the same time. It is not possible for our technicians to foresee the remaining lifespan of all parts in the unit and the technician will only replace parts that can be diagnosed as faulty at the time of their attendance. It is not unusual to expect additional parts to start failing with an aged unit and you will be offered to be provided with a quote for replacing the entire unit. There are some electrical faults that can occur at anytime without warning to even the most astute technician. This is due to the lack of visibility to all wiring and sometimes unpredictable nature of electronics.



Asbestos Under no circumstances will our team handle asbestos or work in an area where asbestos not intact is present. Liability to make good any asbestos dangers remains with you. Safe Environment It is your responsibility to ensure your property is a safe environment for our team to work in. Our team have been instructed to act within reason and leave any premises that they feel unsafe. Examples of an unsafe working area include, but are not limited to the presence of a dangerous dog, live electrical cables exposed, trip hazards, overhead structural instability. Stability Of Infrastructure Being Connected Onto Hicks Hydronics doesn’t accept liability for the structural integrity of any surface that our infrastructure is being hooked onto. Nor do we accept liability for compliance of infrastructure installed by others. As a licenced trade, if we connect anything new onto an existing system we are required to ensure the existing system is compliant. If the existing system isn’t compliant we will discuss with you what’s required and the likely costs to rectify any non-compliance issues.



Phone Consultation

For over the phone basic diagnostics and remedy advice we charge in 10 minute blocks. For every 10 minute block started we charge $15. If we are unable to diagnose and provide remedy advice over the phone (despite our best efforts) then we will arrange an onsite call out. Refer below for onsite call out fee details.

Onsite Call Out

Invoices for service calls will either comprise just a labour component or a labour and materials component depending on whether materials have been applied to your system during the technician’s attendance. Labour Fee Structure Each attendance to your property will attract a fixed call out fee which includes the technician’s time to travel to your property and the first hour of labour. All additional time for labour will be charged at a fixed hourly rate and will be charged by the half hour. Where we are able to attend a number of bookings in a particular area in one trip, we will pass on reduced call out fees to you to reflect the travel costs shared amongst the group. The fees for labour do not include any materials. Refer to the information provided regarding Material Fee Structure further below.



*In an endeavour to keep our call out fee structure transparent and cost effective for our clients located a distance away, we have calculated these fees based on more than one job requiring attention in the area so that the cost of travel is shared between clients. Where a break down requires a special emergency call out (ie no other jobs are requiring attention in the same area at that time) then the fee stated above will be subject to change to encompass the full travel charges. For a quote on any additional travel charges where you’ve requested an urgent call out please phone our office on (02) 6024 7188.

Materials Fee Structure We have access to an enormous range of materials that may need to be replaced on any system. All parts are sourced from various suppliers in order to try and obtain the most suitable genuine parts for each piece of infrastructure. Before replacing any parts we will make a fair and reasonable attempt to contact you to provide you with a price estimate for such replacement parts and obtain your authorisation to undertake the replacement(s). In your service call registration you are required to indicate whether or not you authorise Hicks Hydronics to undertake the replacement(s) in the event that you are uncontactable. It is important to note that this is your decision and your decision may impact upon the operation of your system if significant fault is found and you are uncontactable. Peak Season Requests for service calls during the months May to August (inclusive) will attract a 20% surcharge to accommodate potential overtime penalties. To avoid the peak season surcharge, bookings for regular maintenance service calls must be made no later than specified on the important information page. Payment Our trading terms are 7 days. Your invoice will display the date of the invoice and the due date for payment, being 7 days later as well as a variety of options on how to pay the invoice.



Interest If payment is not received by the due date Hicks Hydronics reserves the right to charge interest on overdue monies at a rate of 12% per annum calculated daily. Title Title of all materials applied to the property remains the property of Hicks Hydronics Pty Ltd until such time as full payment received. Only once full payment is received will title pass to the client. Risk Irrespective of whether payment has or hasn’t been made, risk to the goods passes to the client immediately upon delivery to the property. You must look after and keep all materials insured whilst title to any materials remains with Hicks Hydronics. Liability For Costs To Recover Debts You will be liable for any costs incurred by Hicks Hydronics to recover debt from you and/or enforce provisions of these terms and conditions. Such costs may include, but are not limited to, debt collector fees, solicitor fees, court fees, costs for Hicks Hydronics administrative time. Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA) For the purpose of the Personal Properties Security Act 2009 (PPSA), these terms and conditions once accepted (by requesting our services) is deemed as a financial agreement between Hicks Hydronics and you. By accepting possession (not title) of goods and services before providing full payment to Hicks Hydronics (the secured party), you are the grantor of collateral as security under this financial agreement. Hicks Hydronics is the secured party for supplying possession of goods and services to you, the grantor. Title to all goods and services will be retained by Hicks Hydronics until all goods and services have been paid for in full, including any additional charges and/or fees associated with the terms of this agreement. The collateral you are granting as security is dependent on the type of authority you hold to enter into this agreement with Hicks Hydronics. If you have entered into this agreement with authority in your capacity as the owner of the property (real estate) that the works pertain to, then the collateral under this agreement will be the hydronic heating infrastructure worked on under our agreement. If you have entered into this agreement with the authority in your capacity as the entity responsible for the property management on behalf of the property owner (eg real estate agent, accommodation manager), then the collateral is all personal property (tangible, general, intangible and financial) to which you, as the entity responsible for the project management holds title to. As the property manager grantor, you agree that your personal property is suitable collateral for security, in lieu of the goods and services in possession of the property owner, whereby the secured party’s recourse under the PPSA may be limited as a result of such goods and servicing not being in your possession or owning title to. You must do whatever is necessary to formally authorise Hicks Hydronics to register a charge against any or all of the collateral specified under this agreement with the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). Such PPSR registration will not be discharged until the works forming part of the subject matter of this contract are completed and monies owed to Hicks Hydronics have been paid in full. You indemnify Hicks Hydronics of any liability for any damages caused upon repossession of goods supplied under this agreement.