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Request a Service

We offer a range of services for all types of hydronic heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications. We can offer you a full service package, or look after the services needed on an individual basis.

Please check the boxes that list the infrastructure relevant to your heating system.

Please provide as much information as you have about the make and model of your heating infrastructure.
In the event that our technician identifies a part/parts require replacement, the technician will make fair and reasonable attempts to contact you to advise of a cost estimate and to seek your authorisation to undertake the replacement. If our technician is unable to contact you, do you authorise Hicks Hydronics to undertake the replacement(s) whilst on site and agree to pay for the associated costs? It is important to note that you are under no obligation to provide such authorisation. However, in doing so, you will be providing Hicks Hydronics with the necessary authority to provide you with the best service possible in the event that you are uncontactable and your system is found to be unfit for use without the necessary works.

By instructing Hicks Hydronics to provide you with a service you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, which can be viewed by clicking here.