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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water system - Graphics

Solar Hot Water Systems

The solar hot water system is made up of evacuated tube solar collectors, a 400 litre hot water storage tank, an electric element and a solar controller and pump.

The system transfers cold water from the tank to the solar collectors to be heated and returned to the top of the tank. The temperature sensor connected to the solar infrastructure is located at the bottom of the tank where the coldest water sits so that the solar system will become operational before the heat source.

The hot water in the tank collected from the solar is given an extra boost of heat from the heat source during times of the year when there isn’t enough sun to sufficiently heat the entire hot water needs for the home.

This is a cost-effective manner to service the hot water in summer, while the efficient boiler services the hot water in winter, whilst also looking after heating.


Dimensions – 400L Storage Tank

Height mm 1860
Diameter mm 680


Dimensions – Roof Collector (30T)

Total width mm 2196
Total length mm 2005
Total depth mm 136