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wood and diesel boilers

Wood Fired Boilers

Water is heated by flowing through a ‘water jacket’ that surrounds the firebox within the unit. Once the water is heated it’s circulated through to the heat distributors.
Wood heating provides the direct warmth and beauty from the fireplace while the rest of the house is also warmed from the heat distributors. Either an internal or external wood fired boiler can be used as a heat source, depending on your home’s energy requirements and personal preference.
Our wood fired boilers have been sourced from a local manufacturer in the Albury Wodonga region which means we can arrange for your wood fired boiler to be custom made to suit your aesthetic requirements.

Gas & Wood Fired Boilers

This is the perfect combination for those that want to be able to burn free timber located on their property (or just simply enjoy the ambiance of a fire) but also want to have the luxury of having a gas boiler programmed to turn on before getting out of bed or before getting home from work.
This combination is also great because the wood fired boiler can be used to heat your domestic hot water. In this instance the gas boiler acts as a backup at times when the demand on the hot water supply to service the heating and domestic hot water is too large for the wood boiler alone. Or at times when chopping wood is not high on the priority list.
How does this work? The two boilers are installed in a way that they can talk to each other. When the hot water being produced by the wood boiler is becoming exhausted, the gas boiler will automatically activate to maintain the required levels of hot water.